Afraid of words


When did I become afraid of words? And, more to the point, afraid of confrontation? I’m reading all kind of nonsense on social media and the internet, and I am often afraid to react using words. I start hyperventilating, my palms sweat, and I feel physically weak and ineffectual. I am afraid of writing about my photography, about my intent, and my creative process. Could my anxiety be taking control over my actions even in virtual life? I need to give it a long thought. Because if this is the case, I need to confront my options hereafter.

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  1. Graham Byrnes says:

    There came a moment when I realised it was necessary to start to stop. I think it’s ok to be afraid of confrontation, there are too many people who live for nothing other than causing angst, so you can only leave them to their fears, let them slide, don’t look…

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    1. Crina says:

      yes, but I feel a disturbing dichotomy here, in my professional life, as a dentist, I start feeling worried about how I express my thoughts, and this is probably because I am paying too much attention to the trend where we have to be “nice” and “caring” and maybe even phony in detriment to being honest and straightforward. The millennial phenomenon with their inability to face reality is hurting me. Ok, end of rant – nice talking to you here 😀

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  2. Pablo Luis says:

    Speak just when necessary. Don’t say that something is nice just because is nice to say so. However, say something nice to a friend if you thought that is necessary to do so. Keep your thoughts to yourself as much as you can, however, open yourself up if you think it is necessary to do so. Be brusque, if you are, then when you are nice will be fully appreciated.

    It todays world, we live cushioned in falsehoods.

    What i like of my Israeli contacts in Fb is that they speak their minds up…

    I avoid confrontations as much as possible, but i have no fear to be confrontational when there is no other way. In todays world, not confronting is seen as a sign of weakness.

    I am also afraid of words, there are personal reasons behind that, however I speak my mind when I feel it to be necessary.

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  3. Pablo Luis says:

    That was some personal philosophical crap, btw. I hate gurus, so I am not trying to pretend that I am one… 😁

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  4. I think I know what you’re saying. Use humor to difuse tension. Not always easy to see the comic but sometimes it works.

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