Limited access

I am aware that nudity is “the thing” when it comes to photography; it drives traffic to my site, to my blog, to everything that my online presence stands for. I’ve grown tired of explaining why I photograph women, why photography changes almost everything about the model in relation with me as an artist. I have had enough of the sexist and salacious comments flooding my messenger inbox, and the redundancy of it. However, I’ll keep doing it, and hopefully I can slowly distance myself from social media, and focus on a smaller but less annoying audience.

  1. You have and are following your passion and what is important to you as an artist. Never allow anyone to influence or change that!! It is who you are. There rest is noise. XXXXX John


  2. Yes, nudity seems to bring out the worst in a lot of people when one would expect the opposite. I seem to have been able to avoid the worst of the negative that you mention. Comments to my posts tend to be positive and helpful. I am happy to hear you plan to continue even if you avoid most of the social media sites. You have a special and unique vision, style that I appreciate and find inspiring.

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    1. Thank you; I’m learning to not think about my audience at all, while creating images. What is good and what is not, should be decided after the act of making the photos.

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