White Afternoon

Today I browsed most of the photos I took back in 2012. To my delight, and surprise, I found a lot of keepers, although I also pruned the folders mercilessly. At the time, I used to believe that makeup and hair styling would make a whole lot of difference to the outcome of the photo shoot. It’s also true that I was placing myself, as a photographer, on the orbit of fashion/editorial/glam bullshit. Come to think of it, there were a few providential encounters which I am still profoundly grateful for, or else, today I might be doing crappy retouch tutorials and workshops for Instagram. Julia used to model for me back in the day, balancing between self-consciousness and mild eroticism, maybe after lighting a joint or sipping a brandy. How about “we were happy, and we didn’t know it?”, or rather, “the light was there, but we chose the shadows”. Yep, I am very glad to have recovered these shots. (March 27, 2012 – to be completely accurate).

Canon 5DMk2

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