It’s been a shitty week, no question about THAT. Not only because death is supposed to throw that ugly shadow over everything, but because my ‘snap out of it’ function seems to be fucking locked beyond redemption. On top of it, since yesterday’s funeral, it seems every tv station and movie channel is broadcasting dying people dramas, so thank goodness I cancelled my plans for a photo shoot in time. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t possibly come up with anything worthwhile these days.

All day today I’ve lingered, opening and closing the Lightroom library in hope of ‘seeing’ a sequence of photos that might fall into place within the concept of a story. Nothing really clicked, but I’m still hopeful, tomorrow is another good day for procrastination and self-deception.

Oddly enough, as I perused the photos on the iPad, in an attempt of deleting duplicates, my eye wandered at the end of the folder, and here it was, this photo, literally the last one I shot on that particular day, chronologically speaking. I remember seeing the cat graffiti on the wall just when the girls were getting dressed in the street clothes, and here it is, the best cat photo I’ve taken in 2018.

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