Cyanotype therapy


Well, there are bad corona days, and there are worse corona days.This is the third day that brings essentially more and more bad or annoying news.

  • There’s everything: job-related stuff: there will be some expected but cumbersome (and expensive) changes, because I have to handle them soon-ish;
  • There’s the more and more uncertain vacation plan, due to the new restrictions against Romanians regarding traveling abroad;
  • There’s the flat tire we had yesterday;
  • There’s the stupid courier firm that won’t show up to pick up the cleaning robot I ordered, and which is NOT the model I was expecting.
  • There is the patient I dislike, but can’t refuse.
  • There’s the film I sent out for scanning, and of which I have no news, good or bad.
  • There’s my anxiety acting up again because all of the above.
  • And – oh yes, there is art to save whatever is left of a week I wish I had skipped altogether. I decided to give cyanotypes another try, Viola left some coated paper for me last time she visited, so after an utter failure a few days ago, this afternoon I followed her instructions and came up with a moderately bad one, but after that, the biggest success of the day: a couple of smalll cyanotype prints worked from transparencies. I’m happy, and I am determined to continue doing it, this should look prettay prettay, prettay good on a wall, and I already have more frames than I had planned on filling with classic prints.

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