End of Summer

I am back from vacation. Two vacations to be precise; the real one, short and somewhat weird, because I haven’t spent leisure time in Romania in years (and after this week, I am pretty sure I won’t do it again soon, because of the appalling services and filth all over the touristic sites), and the ‘back-at-home’ one (a vacation from myself – n.b.Seinfeld), which was terribly depressing due to some real estate incident, which will not be discussed here. Anyway, after all was said and done, I need to get back to my photos, and attempt to exercise some self-serving mental therapy. I’m never sure who reads my blog. My secret hope is that nobody bothers with the words, but then I remember that in soap operas, the only one stumbling upon the diary or text, is the bad guy, and then everything starts going downhill. So, because I fear that my personal life is packed with unsympathetic assholes, I will not write about the recent personal disappointments and resentments. Work is just round the corner, quite possibly I will be in the office tomorrow, so I’ll just leave this photo here, hopefully I will be back with regular posts in the following days.

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