2020 in a nutshell

On close inspection, I dreaded 2020; granted, it’s been a better time for my photography than other years provided, because I had more spare time, so willy-nilly, I did research and work a bit more. Nothing is completed, nothing seems worthwhile, but at least I had the chance to revisit my work and make up my mind about the fact that, YES, it sucks. There’s good potential, but I have no desire to move forward; I’m not sure where I will go with it, if at all, however it’s been a pretty good run while it lasted. Hopefully there will be more to see and observe, with or without models, but right now I am just glad this shitty year is drawing to an end. Too many losses to count, wounds to heal and people to sort out.

  1. To be sure, a crappy year. But while you don’t see much value in the photography you have done, maybe consider it simply “practice”. Good to keep your eye open and practice. Now you are ready for something new to hit you!

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    1. the photos are not bad, maybe even better than in other years, it’s just that I feel burnout, it’s just unbearable at times. Hope with the end of this crappy year, we/me will find some motivation to move ahead. Cheers, Larry! Happy new year!


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