A February Not Long Ago

Back in February 2018, I went to make photos with this girl, in an abandoned building at the outskirts of the city. We were off to a good start, because we hadn’t worked together in a while, so we lost track of time, and ignored the very cold weather, since we had some vodka and crackers to keep us happy. I believe that day can be accounted for the last time when I got violently sick. I had a cold that kept me in bed for a week or so, with high temperature, nausea and vomiting, and a very nasty cough. A short year and a half later, the covid shit came upon us, and I cannot but wonder how things would have looked for me if I had had this experience during the pandemic. I think it’s a shame I no longer shoot outdoors in cold weather. I used to love it.

Later edit: There were three photos in this set, but I couldn’t find the third one when I posted this earlier today.

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