Thoughts on a December Tuesday

Alright. I like Photoshop. I rely on Photoshop. But I am not happy with the slightly devious updates which, apart from bringing huge editing benefits, also include unnoticeable but annoying changes within the software. Today I was completely pissed off to see the Smart Sharpen tool has different default values than the ones I have been using for years. Needless to say I never bothered to write them down, because they were always “there”, and who bothers to write down numbers anyway. It feels like that professor who deliberately changes an insignificant variable, only because he wants to see if the students payed attention. Back to the photo above: this is another photo from – hands down – one of my top ten favorite photoshoots involving women and no planning ahead. The model was great, the light was great, and the Chardonnay we had later at a wine festival downtown, was not necessarily great, but it worked well in that it provided the symbolic texture for some bitter sweet memories for later on. In fact, looking at these photos taken before corona, I get goose bumps, and not the good kind goose bumps. A little random nugget: a photo from this set had me banned from Facebook for a week, although there was no nudity in the frame. Perhaps those were the days when everything started to go to hell on social media. I don’t know.

October 2018.

  1. Be warned: things with generic titles like “smart sharpen” may have completely changed under the hood. Not necessarily, but it can happen. Especially when one includes the word “smart”. Be careful.
    Cheers, Graham

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