“She calls him her ghost”

I watch Chris Marker’s La Jetée every chance I get; or rather whenever I need a reminder that photography can tell stories without being daft, ugly, fake or overindulgent. This photo has nothing to do with Marker’s homonymous ciné-roman, apart from the title. Hm, maybe that is not entirely true. The model experienced a sudden panic attack during our photoshoot; I was not sure how to help her, although I suffer from GAD. What I learned from my own experience with it is that every subject has their own coping mechanisms during a sudden and intense anxiety episode . Eventually, we had a chat, drank some water, walked around a bit, and things progressively got back on track. Looking at this photo now, I realize that panic attacks are pretty much like sunny photos in black and white – everything is there, the world is going about its business, but you are shut out of it for a while, being left with a limited perception of reality, and wondering whether the colors will ever come back, or maybe the presumably temporary glitch will in fact last forever.

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