27 *2

I posted two random photos on Twitter today. I mean COMPLETELY random. My iPad has in storage a pretty large selections of low resolution photos from various photo shoots spanning from the beginning of the pandemic, to present day. Looking at them I remembered Susan Sontag’s words: my library is an archive of longings. I dare challenge the word ‘longings’, and replace it, at least for emotional reasons, with ‘disillusions’. I’ve experienced some of those from the models, from friends, from pretty much everyone, and I’m pretty sure I’ve provided cause for sadness or anger in many people in return. There’s a very strong possibility I won’t be able to work in the same way and with the same people in the future; actually, I’ve contemplated abandoning photography altogether a lot during the past few months. Until I make up my mind, I’ll keep up throwing random pieces of feminine delight on this blog.

Bianca in my studio.
Forms of life. Marinela.

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