Română or English oppure Italiano?

Why do I write some posts in English and some other posts in Romanian? Short version – I write according to the mood. Sometimes I come to my blog from reading an article, watching a movie or having an online interaction with people from around the world who don’t understand my language. Sometimes I post after rummaging an idea or writing notes in a sketchbook, which I obviously do in Romanian. I’m obsessed with words, with the way they can make or break an idea, a dialog or even a human relationship. I am aware of the fact that I have very questionable social skills, which is why I avoid as much as I can interacting with people I don’t know very well. The other day, I received a signed book from a Romanian writer who now lives in Canada. The ups and downs of living as an immigrant are captured in such a bittersweet way, that I balanced between cry and laughter all throughout the 200+ pages. Also, reading his predicaments and follies between two worlds, made me acknowledge, once again, that I am a traveler and not a settler. Romania is not where I enjoy living, but I’m unequipped for changing places, because weakness of the soul might not be suitable for relocation. Alright, that said, I should probably throw in a cat photo or something similar, so that my words get lost faster, in the obscurity of the internet.

And there it is, a photo taken in Rome; I snapped this on the go, and when I look at it, I think maybe this guy is also a flaneur, a foreigner who was having a coffee in the city, while checking his social media or posting a photo from his life for others to see. Then again, maybe he is just a Roman living up to “fare la bella figura” on a regular day. I don’t know. (But I miss Italy).

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