The book and the lens.

First of all, today I eventually purchased a 20mm 2.8 EF Canon lens.

There’s a story here, and the short version is as follows: I have an old friend, who, if I’m honest, is responsible for my decision to take an interest in photography back in 2008-2009. He’s been working as a photographer since forever, and also – we’ve been friends since forever. I bought my first DSLR (a Canon EOS 30D) on a whim, after seeing on his monitor a set of wedding photos he was editing. For a couple of years, up until 2011, when I moved into my new house, where I specifically designed the attic/top floor as a photo studio, I used to go to his place with my first “models”, to make photos and learn a bit of lighting, composition and whatnot. Fast forward to present time – I always relied on him to lend me his wide angle lens for the occasional group or outdoor shoot. At some point, he got married, started a new life with his wife, so slowly but surely, our life paths grew apart. Today, as I was making shipping arrangements with the seller of the 20mm lens, I realized how this weirdly insignificant online deal, observed from a wider (pun intended) perspective, marks the end of a two decades routine, where friendship turns to conviviality, or acquaintanceship, at best. I’ll have to come back to this blog to confirm what I just wrote here.

Second bit of interest.

Alina, one of the girls who modeled for me not long ago (pictured above and below), payed me a visit, and not empty handed. She gifted me a fine, thick, Peter Lindbergh photo album; truth be told, this book is one of the objects that had been lingering on my wishlist for quite some time. We had a couple of drinks (she has just signed the papers for a new small apartment), talked cinema, relationships and life, with Chick Corea playing in the background. All in all, a good day, with old and new swapping places back and forth a few times. In the meantime, Russia and Ukraine are rubbing elbows along their border. Life is rolling on.

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