Sara (2009-2022)

Many people write about their dying dogs or cats. About the grieving days ahead of the unavoidable ending. I’m not sure what to say in a few words, because this girl has lived with such humility and goodness of the heart, it feels pompous to even attempt to put a description under her photo. Our story together ended today; I tried to love her without making a fuss, or throwing around words with no meaning to her. She has suffered great pain for about three months, with the same understated calm and acceptance with which she lived her better days. She greeted me to the gate yesterday, as I went out to meet a friend for drinks. I watched her through the window today, climbing tired and slowly inside the car, for the last time. I haven’t been able to look at her face. I will remember her like she is in this photo – aging, a bit sad, and looking like she always understood more than we ever credited her for. I’ll just miss her dearly.

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