It looks like everyone feels obliged to say something about today/Tuesday/Two-Two day. As far as I’m concerned, I went to work, ordered some minor stuff online, payed a couple of bills, came home, ate spaghetti bolognese, and that’s pretty much all of my day. Vague and fading COVID symptoms still remind me of the past week, which was eventful without actually being memorable. I made photos last weekend, although I had moments when I could barely catch my breath, and I will post a few here soon. On Sunday, I met a new model who has really good potential to be on my favorite people list for future projects. She has a beautiful contact with the camera, graceful attitude and movement, and a nostalgic look in her eyes, which never fails to attract me. Attached below, a “symmetrical” portrait of Dora (the girl described above) – with the intended purpose of matching the blog title and the so-special day we celebrate, while conveniently forgetting it’s everything just a clever construction, started by the Summerians and taken to perfection later by Julius Caesar, and later by Pope Gregory XIII.

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