I posted on Twitter a random photo of a young woman smoking, her head resting on her arm, in a position of reverie of sorts. I captioned it equally random, something about time, war, love sex, and nothing – so pretty much the regular topics that come up during a photo shoot. I was struggling to find a title for this photo, now, at almost 1 AM, and the first thing to cross my mind was “trust”. As in trusting the photographer that they won’t mess up the whole thing, when the expectations are unclear. Trust the eye, not necessarily the person. I never felt like being on the other side of the camera, as is the case with my day job: I’ll always prefer being the dentist, rather than the dentistee – how’s that for a word, by the way? So anyway, I’m going to bed with my mind focused on TRUST, how it’s growing, fading, changing with time. [I don’t trust mr. Putin].

Until next time.

  1. Yes, and trust we will not abuse them – make an image that exploits or embarrasses them. I struggle with titles, sometimes. Sometimes they just pop to mind but there are times nothing make sense. And then there are times when I realize maybe titles are undesirable, prejudicing the viewer’s understanding of the image.

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    1. Larry, I agree – titles can be pointless, unless the photos belong to a project or series. I often title my blog posts, rather than the photos, based on music I listen, thoughts I process or serendipitous memories that cross my mind. Good to see you here. Cheers!


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