Random Encounter of the Spooky Kind

Why are we on social media, if not to gratify our egos with the occasional moments of grace? Or maybe – moments of complete insanity. Such is the case today. I was browsing Twitter in my office between patients, and I stumbled upon this photo of John Wreford, (who, by the way, has become one of my favorite photographers, as of late). The caption said: “Alone on an island beach Or am I?”

Photo: John Wreford.

In a matter of seconds, I was transported back in time to last September, when, while hiking around the misty hills of Transylvania, I was spooked to see this…*thing*, lying on a side path.

Photo: Crina Prida

I am hardly the type to freak out at the sight of creepy dolls, but I thought the rope around its neck must have some somber meaning. In fact, at the time I posted the photo on Facebook, someone insisted I go back and cut it, so “the soul of the cursed person will be liberated”. Alas, I did not go back. I am doing it now, metaphorically speaking, by the means of this blog. John’s doll also has a rope around the neck, so maybe two lost souls have met today in the shadows of the world wide web. Thank you, John for the permission to use your photo, and mostly, for being part of yet another Transylvanian vampire/dark spirits story.

Ode to lost souls.

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