In other words – Brassaï

Alas, even a long life is short and one must choose. When someone has a gift for painting or sculpture, the road is marked, no hesitation. But when there are several strings to one’s bow, that’s almost a calamity. One is perpetually torn by one’s gifts, in a sort of civil war, threatened by dissipation,…

In other words – Annie Leibovitz

I’m not asking anyone to jump in the pool for the sake of jumping in the pool; I see a lot of work trying to emulate what I do; it’s disconnected. It’s important to stay on the subject. All of the work I’ve ever done, the idea, has emulated from that person. Annie Leibovitz

Ci sono notti che non accadono mai.

Cred că știu ce o să fac cu proiectul despre poezie. Și nu sunt sigură că va fi Alda Merini, sau altcineva, sau ȘI altcineva, dar va rămâne ideea unei iubiri în afara timpului, și mai ales, dincolo de atingere. Imaginație, halucinație, whatever works.

Light hurts.

If 2020 was a state of mind, it would be passive-aggressive. I’m assiduously lurking somewhere left and right to my wits’ end. Model: Ana

In other words – Gregory Crewdson

I’ve said many times that [your] story is defined when you’re coming of age…the music and the movies and the books you loved. And then you spend the rest of your life circulating the same things.[…] You don’t really go too far. In a certain way, your position has been set, and the challenge is…


Această frumuseţe se dă puţin, şi cu folos. Bianca, o fată care umple spaţiul în toate formele. De găsit un proiect unde să o fotogafiez perfect. To do list, short term. Între timp, frumuseţea tot caută a salva lumea. Personal, mă bazez pe urâţenie în aiaste vremi neliniştite.